When is it official?

April 6, 2010 § 3 Comments

When is it officially okay to  wear white. I start to wear white just after Easter. If memory serves me correctly fashion rules state wearing white  is allowed between memorial day and labor day during the summer months. In the cooler months wearing off-white or winter white helps fill the bright white void. 

As times have progressed I have seen the color white worn year round especially here in S. Fla. Warmer climates are given a bit of a pass. Call me old fashion or old school but the earliest I wear white is Easter and the latest is early October and for me that’s pushing it . It’s like there is an automatic switch in my brain, once labor day is over I don’t even look at or think about white clothes. Ultimately you wear what you want and just hope they don’t really hire fashion police to come and get you. Just kidding 🙂

So here is the probing question, when is it official for you?

With summer  just around the corner here are a few fun looks for the upcoming season.

Topardenb, Pantsjohnlewis.comDressDiane von FurstenbergSandals –  electriqueboutique.com, Gladiator SandalspiperlimeBag – CC SKYE, JeansRepublic, Jacketardenb


§ 3 Responses to When is it official?

  • Denise Lawrence says:

    After seeing so many old men in white shoes and socks while growing up in S. Florida I just can’t do white shoes, ever.

  • Jen Smith says:

    This post makes me think of the time I ruined your white pants….I felt SOOOOO bad that day…… 😦 Glad you are such a good friend you didn’t hate me forever……

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