Le Tub…..Round 2

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Let me explain.. About 5 years ago my friend Jenn wanted to visit this restaurant she saw featured on Oprah

Jenn S: “So I saw this place on Oprah the other day that’s suppose to have the best burgers in the United States. Do you know where Hollywood, FL is?”

Jenn B: “Yes, Hollywood is about 10 min from my parent’s house” 

Jenn S: “I want to go there”

Jenn B: How about we go down to S.Fla for 4th of July and we can visit Le Tub while were there”

Jenn S: Cool Beans!”   

Maybe that wasn’t the exact conversation, but from what I remember it went something like that. So we traveled three hours south to Le Tub to feast on their famous burgers. Well, we never got to eat them because there was a 1 1/2 hour wait for ANYTHING coming from the grill. No matter how delicious and famous the burgers we weren’t willing to wait. After being on Oprah they had become so popular it was impossible to get a burger quickly.

So my thought was, after almost 5 years why not give Le Tub another try, things should be different now….right? Wrong! Even getting there at noon, 1 hour after they opened there was an hour wait for ANYTHING coming from the grill. I didn’t leave this time I stayed to sample the food, which was pretty good. I did get a glance at the burgers of those who were patient enough to wait the hour. It is gigantic and looked rather tasty.

Maybe we will try Le Tub again when Jenn visits in the summer, but I won’t blog about it. Maybe Jenn will blog about our experience on BLANK WHITE FRAMES. Jenn, tag your it!!!!  





Le Tub menu, hand written and photo copied 


Seafood salad with jumbo shrimp, crab, tuna, and shredded lettuce tossed in a vinaigrette dressing 

Barbeque Pork sandwich 





Things you should know about Le Tub

the restaurant is outdoors, not a good place on a  rainy day

the tables are all picnic tables

there are only plastic cups, utensils, and plates

cash only!!! if you forget there is an ATM by the bar

 great place on a beautiful day.I took the above pictures while seated at our table

limited parking, get there early or you will have to park at the beach

sodas in the can, beer in the bottle, and get your own damn water from the cooler

seat yourself …..   




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