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May 20, 2010 Comments Off on Who doesn’t like a sale

I receive an abundance of e-mails every day. Most of them are from some retailer. While cleaning up my inbox I realized I am a member of 3 (now 4, thanks to J.P.) sample sale websites.     

Some of these sites feature really great designers. For example, last year Ideeli featured Christian Louboutin for almost half off the regular price and Louboutin sales are rare.     

What is so great about these websites you ask? How about having access to the same sample sales that have been available to those darn lucky New Yorker’s for years and all without having to leave the sofa.     

Most of these sites are invitation only but you can always go directly to the website and request a membership. If you want to speed things up a bit the best thing to do is have a friend that’s already a member invite you.     

Okay down to business …..Tomorrow at 11am Rue La La will feature Hermes & Chanel, you don’t want to miss this. Here is a sneak peek into tomorrows sale. Good Luck and Happy Shopping!     


Here is a quick guide of a few sample sale websites and what they offer  



Who:  Swirl Gilt Ideeli RueLaLa
What they offer:  Up and coming and Known designers offering up to 80% off  Fashion and Luxury brands up to 70% off Fashion, Home, and Beauty Fashion and Home 
Membership: Open to all – Free Invitation only – Free Invitation only $6.99 a month for first dibs. Free for the leftovers  Invitation only – Free
Sales lasts for: 24-72 hours  36 hours  10 – 36 hours  48 hours 
Perks: Special deals for     Visa Signature card holders  $25 credit when    you refer a friend  and they make    their first purchase $25 credit when    you refer a friend  and they make    their first purchase $10 credit when you refer a friend and they make their first purchase

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