For Fur or Foe Fur

June 18, 2010 Comments Off on For Fur or Foe Fur


If you are a fan of Bravo‘s Real Housewives series you may be familiar with Kelly Killoren Bensimon. During the season and last nights reunion show, Kelly stirred up a little controversy by making several contradictory statements referring to the organization PETA  and wearing fur. Kelly states “She does not support the abuse of animals, but who are they to stop her from wearing fur” 

Umm huh !?! Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you have to kill and skin an animal to wear fur? Isn’t that a form of abuse?  

I work with similar raw materials on a daily basis, so as the saying goes “those living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” I have no issues with Ms. Bensimon, those who wear fur, or those who protest against it.   Ultimately you do what you feel is morally and ethically right for you, just do your research, know the facts, pick as side, and stick to it.

The “rather go naked than wear fur” campaign derailed people from wearing fur for years. I’m not sure what changed peoples minds but fur has made a huge comeback. Micheal Kors debuted fur coats and vest for fall 2010 at New York Fashion week earlier this year. Micheal Kors is such an influential designer, one would think he would shy away from such a controversial trend for fear of ridicule. I guess for some wearing fur is simply unnecessary and others it’s about affluence. 

What side of the trend fence are you on?


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