Hammer Time

July 21, 2010 Comments Off on Hammer Time

Any one remember MC Hammer? I loved his songs You Can’t Touch This and Too Lagit to Quit . I had the cassette tape (whoa remember cassette tapes) and I even had an MC Hammer doll. Yes, I’m serious a doll….it was a birthday gift.

I love fashion, but this trend is a bit much for me.

See any resemblance?

Everytime I see a pair of Harem Pants I think of Mc Hammer and The 357 doing the type writer across the stage.

For some reason I thought these pants had quietly made their exit, but when I turned the page of my US Weekly there were not one, or two, but three celebrities shown strutting down the street in these pant….. Oh boy

Some one please find Mr. Hammer and give him his royalties for starting this trend.



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